Library 2-002


Minutes: January 12, 2015

HANOVER TOWNSHIP LIBRARY MEETING – Secretary’s Report – 7:00 p.m.


Trustees In Attendance: President Dan Griffin; Secretary Charles Eadie; and Trustees Leonard Brokaw; Trudy Metz; and Carol Unangst   Trustee(s) Absent: Vice President Deborah Boden; Treasurer Darlene McKinley


Director In Attendance:   Denise Tollensdorf                 Number of Audience in attendance: 0


Public Comments: None


The minutes of the December 8, 2014, meeting and the December 2014 treasurer’s report were read and will be filed.

The Director’s report was given (see back of minutes) and will be filed.


Standing Committee Reports:

Finance: No report.

Building and Grounds: No report.

Public Relations/Fundraising: No report

Technology:   No report.


Unfinished Business:


The Library has been awarded an IL Public Library Per Capita Grant in the amount of $1,501.25 for FY 2015/16.


Denise will complete the annual Illinois State Library Certification by the January 31 deadline.


The Library will be closed on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The dates will be added to the Library Holiday sheet and will be posted in the Library and on the website. Trudy motioned; seconded by Carol.


New Business:

The safe deposit box key holder will change from Shari to Denise.


Library card expiration dates will be three years from the date in which the patron receives new card. Carol motioned; seconded by Len.


The Board reviewed the BITCO Insurance Companies Workers Compensation Claims Handling letter.


Carol motioned to go into a closed session to discuss personnel issue; seconded by Len. Roll call vote in favor: Dan, Charlie, Len, Carol, Trudy.


Carol motioned to leave the closed session; seconded by Trudy.


Trudy moved that Denise will outline a Library Operation Procedure effective immediately. Carol seconded.  Motion passed.


The next meeting will be Monday, February 9, 2015.


Motion by Trudy to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Carol; motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Submitted by Charles Eadie, Secretary