Library 2-002


Minutes: November 9, 2015


Secretary’s Report  November 9, 2015 7:00 PM

Trustees In Attendance: Vice President Deborah Boden; Treasurer Darlene McKinley; Trustees Leonard Brokaw, Trudy Metz and Carol Unangst

Trustees Absent: President Dan Griffin and Charles Eadie

Director in Attendance: Denise Tollensdorf                                  Number of Audience in attendance: 0

The minutes of the Oct. 13, 2015 meeting and the October 2015 treasurer’s report were read and will be filed.

The Director’s report was given (see back of minutes) and will be filed.

Standing Committee Reports:

Finance: none

Building and Grounds: none

Public Relations/Fundraising: update on Hanover/Elizabeth Visitor’s Guide

Technology: A new fax machine/scanner/color copier has been purchased-to be installed soon

Unfinished Business:

Discussion of policy on patron conduct/disturbances

New Business:

2015/2016 Tax Levy Resolution was unanimously passed on a roll call vote of 5 ayes.

Motion by Dolly, seconded by Carol to approve 2016 library closing dates.

Discussion of possible library programs.

Discussion of added morning hours during the Summer Reading Program.

The next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 14.

Motion by Darlene to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Trudy; motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM.

Submitted by Leonard Brokaw, Trustee