Library 2-002


Circulation & Fines

Loan Periods and Renewals:

  • Books and audiobooks are loaned for 21 calendar days and may be renewed once, if there is no patron waiting list.  Exception:  New items purchased within the last 2 months cannot be renewed.
  • The most current magazine issue is loaned for 7 calendar days; older issues for 21 calendar days.
  • Videos and DVD's are loaned for 7 calendar days and may be RENEWED ONCE, if there is no patron waiting list. Exception:  New videos and DVD’s purchased within the last 2 months cannot be renewed.
  • Renewal may be done by phone or e-mail.


Check-outPatron should present his/her card to check out items.  Upon patron request, the librarian will keep the card at the library for the patron.


  • Adult patrons:  5 books, 5 videos/DVDs; 5 audiobooks; 5 magazines.  In addition, parents/guardians may have up to 5 juvenile easy books checked out for their pre-school children who have no library card.  Exception – See Household.
  • KINDERGARTEN THROUGH AGE 17 PATRONS with library cards:  5 easy, juvenile, or young adult books and 3 videos/DVDs. Exception – See Household.  Children age 17 and below will not be allowed to check out R-rated videos/DVDs without parent or guardian permission. 
  • HOUSEHOLD is defined as a group of people living at the same physical address.  Despite the number of patrons in the household, a household is limited to 15 books; 10 videos/DVDs; 5 audiobooks.
  • The Director may increase the number of checkouts for an individual patron who shows need when requesting to check out more items than policy allows.


Late Fee Fines; Lost/Damaged Materials Charges (item(s) lost or damaged by patron and patron has not paid replacement cost(s):

  • Late fee fines for all items are 10 cents per item per calendar day that library is open; 50 cents per item per week; $6 per item maximum.
  • If the item is lost or damaged, the patron must pay the library the replacement cost of the item which includes a $5 processing fee.  The library does not accept replacement copies of lost/damaged items unless the Director has agreed to the exchange in advance.  The replacement cost is not eligible for refund.



  • A courtesy phone call, written reminder, or e-mail notice about overdue materials will be made after materials are 2 -7 days past the due date, but the responsibility to return materials rests with the borrower.
  • A 2nd courtesy reminder, verbal or written, will be given if the materials are not returned within 7-10 calendar days of the first notice.  Additional reminders may be given.
  • If materials have still not been returned or paid for after 1 month, the Director will send a letter that includes the titles of all overdue items, replacement costs, and late fees.  The letter will state that all materials must be returned or paid for within 20 days of receipt of the letter and will inform the patron that his/her library card is suspended until all materials are returned or paid for, until all late fees are paid, and until the patrons talks with the Director.
  • If materials are still not returned or paid for in response to the Director’s letter, the Director will inform the Board of this patron issue at the next scheduled board meeting.  At that time, the Board will determine if the Director should send a certified letter.  The certified letter will demand that all materials be returned or paid for within 30 days of receipt of the letter and  note the patron’s library card suspension.  When the aggregate value of overdue library materials is $50 or more, the letter will also inform the patron that the library has the right under Illinois law Criminal Offenses(720 ILCS 5/16-0.1 and 16-3) Criminal Code of 1961 (P.A. 97-597, eff. 1-1-12) to claim this as a library theft. **

**See Criminal Offenses (720 ILCS 5/16-0.1and 16-3) Criminal Code of 1961 (P.A. 97-597, eff. 1-1-12) (posted in foyer of library and at circulation desk)

Adopted by Board of Trustees – December 12, 2005;

Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees – September 14, 2009

Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees – February 13, 2012