Library 2-002


Computer Use & Internet Policy

The Hanover Township Library Board recognizes the importance of computers and the Internet in the lives of people in today’s world. Thus, we have worked to provide the public up-to-date computers and high speed internet access. We also recognize the need to maintain the computers in a useable condition and the community’s interest in having the library a safe place for all to use. Therefore, certain rules will apply to the use of the libraries computers. This list is not intended to state all unacceptable or acceptable behaviors concerning computer use. The library board believes the librarian has the right to determine whether a patron’s use of a computer warrants the removal of the patron’s right to use and to access the computers.

General Rules for Computer Usage: 

    • Computer usage is limited for each patron to 1 time per day up to 1 hour.  If the patron asks and the librarian gives permission, the patron may use the computer longer than 1 hour and/or may use the computer again.
    • To use the computers and to access the Internet, all patrons must have a valid Hanover Township Library card AND HAVE NO OVERDUE MATERIALS AND/OR OUTSTANDING FINES OVER $1.  Patrons 16 and younger must also have signed parental/guardian permission.  Children 8 years old and younger must have a parent/guardian/sibling with them.
    • Patrons younger than 18 years old and who do not live in Hanover Township are not allowed computer usage.  Exception:  If the juvenile is staying for a period of time or visiting a parent/guardian who lives in Hanover Township and who has a valid library card, then the parent/guardian must sign a permission form for the juvenile to use the computers.  Even with a signed permission form, the juvenile cannot use or must give up usage of the computer if all computer stations are occupied and a Hanover Township patron(s) is waiting to use the computers.
    • An adult who is a non-resident may sign in as “Guest” to use the computers as  long as no Hanover Township patrons need computer usage.
    • All patrons must sign in to use the computers.
    • If all computer workstations are occupied by juveniles and an adult patron needs to use the computer, then the juvenile who has been on the longest must give up the computer.  The juvenile can return to a computer to finish his/her time when a computer becomes free.
    • While using the computers, please refrain from talking and visiting other computers.
    • Refrain from vulgar and inflammatory language both typewritten and verbal. The library is small and your actions are easily observed by children.
    • Treat all with respect.

Hardware and Software Rules 

    • Printing costs $0.15/sheet - one side; $0.25/sheet both sides. Color printing is $0.30/sheet, one side only printing.
    • The computers and related machines are to be treated with respect.
    • Do not touch the computer screens. The LCD screens are especially easy to damage.
    • Any removable disks should be scanned for viruses at each use.
    • Do not install unauthorized software or illegally copy software.
    • Any software or files saved on the hard drives can be deleted at any time by library staff.

Internet Use 

    • Using the Internet is currently free.
    • You may send and receive e-mail.
    • No instant messaging, including on social networking sites, or chatroom usage is allowed.
    • Downloading or accessing pornography, images of graphic violence, or violent games is not allowed.
    • Do not use the computers or Internet access for illegal activities, commercial or financial gain, or invading another’s privacy.


Reviewed and Revised  6/11/07

Unacceptable use of the library's computers can result in the loss of the privilege to use the computers.


   Headphones and Volume Level Policy 

Use of all electronic devices in the library whether personal or library owned require the use of headphones (including earphones, earbuds, etc.): MP3 players, personal CD players, radios, computers, etc. 

When being used, the volume level on headphones should not be audible to others. 

The Hanover Township Library DOES NOT PROVIDE any type of headphone for library patrons.   If patrons wish to access sound on their devices or the library’s computers, patrons MUST USE their own headphones. Personal headphones left at the library will not be stored.

 Adopted: April 8, 2013