Library 2-002


Library Card Policy


  • Library cards are issued free to anyone residing within Hanover Township.  Proof of current physical address is required at the time of registration (driver’s license, voter’s registration card, rent contract/agreement, checkbook, business mail).
  • Children age 5 (if they can print their name) through age 17:  A parent/legal guardian must accompany the child/teen to the library and fill out and sign the application for a library card. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s use of library materials, including payment of any fines, fees and charges incurred by their children.
  • A verifiable physical AND mailing address and phone number (if available) must be on file at the library.  The patron is to notify the library if there is a change of address and/or phone number.
  • Cards are non-transferable between family members.  To check out materials, each patron must have his/her own card (except pre-school children) and cannot use a family member’s card.  Only parents and legal guardians (including relatives acting on behalf of the parents or guardian) can check out items for their pre-school children.
  • The card entitles patrons with reciprocal borrowing at RAILS (Reaching Across America Library System) libraries.
  • Non-Residents:  For those residing outside Hanover Township, a fee of $60 is charged per year for a family membership (Adopted May 1, 2009).  (The non-resident card fee is reassessed on an annual basis by the Board of Trustees.) Individual cards are issued to each member of the family.  The same rules apply to non-resident cards that apply to cards of Hanover Township residents, including reciprocal borrowing at RAILS libraries.
  •  Initial library card is free; replacement card fee is $1.  The patron is to notify the library in the case of a lost or stolen card.