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Library Cards

  • Library cards are issued free to anyone residing within Hanover Township. Proof of current physical address and a photo ID (may be expired) is required at the time of registration (driver’s license, voter’s registration card, rent contract/agreement, checkbook, utility bill, business mail). Patrons may use electronic formats to show lease agreements, utility bills, etc. on their own devices or by logging in on a library PC.
  • Children age 5 (if they can print their name) through age 17: A parent/legal guardian must accompany the child/teen to the library and fill out and sign the application for a library card. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s use of library materials, including payment of any fees and charges incurred by their children.
  • A verifiable physical AND mailing address, phone number and email address (if available) must be on file at the library. The patron is to notify the library if there is a change of address, phone number or email address.
  • Cards are non-transferable between family members. To check out materials, each patron must have his/her own card (except preschool children) and cannot use a family member’s card. Only parents and legal guardians (including relatives acting on behalf of the parents or guardian) can check out items for their preschool children.
  • The card entitles patrons with reciprocal borrowing at Illinois public libraries.
  • Non-Residents: For those residing outside Hanover Township, a fee of $60 is charged per year for a family membership (1 card per family). The non-resident card fee is reassessed on an annual basis by the Board of Trustees. The same rules apply to non-resident cards that apply to cards of Hanover Township residents, including reciprocal borrowing at RAILS libraries.
  • A non-resident student may be issued a card without payment of fee, pursuant to 75 ILCS 5/4-7. “Student”, for purposes of this section, means an individual currently enrolled in a public or nonprofit private school (K-12) who does not have his or her principal residence within a public library service area. The student must present proof of eligibility, as required by statute, at the time of application for this card.
  • Initial library card is free; replacement card fee is $1. The patron is to notify the library in the case of a lost or stolen card.

Loan Periods and Renewals

  • Books, audiobooks and music CD’s are loaned for 21 calendar days and may be renewed twice, if there is no patron waiting list. Exception: New items purchased within the last 15 weeks cannot be renewed.
  • The most current magazine issue is loaned for 7 calendar days; older issues for 21 calendar days.
  • DVD's are loaned for 7 calendar days and may be RENEWED TWICE, if there is no patron waiting list. Exception: New DVDs purchased within the last 15 weeks cannot be renewed.
  • Renewal may be done by phone, email, in the patron’s Prairie Cat account or through the Telephone Notification System.


Patron should present his/her card to check out items.


  • ADULT PATRONS: 5 books, 5 videos/DVDs; 5 audiobooks, 5 music CD’s (FOR A TOTAL OF OF 10 ITEMS PER PATRON). In addition, parents/guardians may have up to 5 juvenile easy books checked out for their preschool children who have no library card
  • KINDERGARTEN THROUGH AGE 17 PATRONS WITH LIBRARY CARDS: 5 easy, juvenile, or young adult books and 5 DVDs (FOR A TOTAL OF 10 ITEMS PER PATRON).
  • The Director may increase the number of checkouts for an individual patron who shows need when requesting to check out more items than policy allows.

Lost/Damaged Materials Charges (item(s) lost or damaged by patron and patron has not paid replacement cost(s):

  • No fines will be charged on overdue materials.
  • If the item is lost or damaged, the patron must pay the library the replacement cost of the item which includes a $5 processing fee. The library does not accept replacement copies of lost/damaged items unless the Director has agreed to the exchange in advance. The replacement cost is not eligible for refund.
  • Patrons with non-returned items may have their patron status manually blocked or barred at the discretion of the library director.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Patrons have access to books, DVDs, and audiobooks through interlibrary loan, as long as they have no overdue items or lost/damaged materials charges.

Overdue Notices

  • The method of delivery notices is a patron decision based on the Notice Preference field in the patron record.
  • The default preference order if the field is left blank is: email (if email is in the record), phone (if phone is in the record), print.
  • Phone notices will be sent via the Prairie Cat automated telephone notification system (TNS).
  • Patrons can choose to opt in via My Account to receive text messages for Hold Pickup, Courtesy Notices and Friendly Reminders. These texts are in addition to the other notice format (email or phone). Staff cannot opt patrons in to texting in Sierra, but can opt patrons out if requested.
  • Prairie Cat has approved standardized notice wording for all libraries.
  • Notice frequency shall be as follows:
    • Hold Pickup Notice: Daily (email, phone, text-no print)
    • Courtesy Notice: 3 days before due date (email, text-no print)
    • Overdue #1 Friendly Reminder: 7 days after due date (email, text or phone-no print)
    • Overdue #2 1st Overdue Notice: 14 days after due date (email or print)
    • Bill Notice: 28 days after due date. Print only, this is the notice that adds a bill on the patron’s record and includes the bill amount on the notice.
  • When the aggregate value of overdue library materials is $50 or more, a follow-up letter will be sent to the patron informing them that the library has the right under Illinois law Criminal Offenses(720 ILCS 5/16-0.1 and 16-3) Criminal Code of 1961 (P.A. 97-597, eff. 1-1-12) to claim this as a library theft. ** **See Criminal Offenses(720 ILCS 5/16-0.1and 16-3) Criminal Code of 1961 (P.A. 97-597, eff. 1-1-12) (posted in foyer of library).
Adopted by Board of Trustees: December 12, 2005
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees: September 14, 2009
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees: February 13, 2012
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees: January 11, 2015
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees: October 14, 2019
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees-May 10, 2021
Updated and Approved by Board of Trustees-June 13, 2022

The Hanover Township Library Board recognizes the importance of computers and the Internet in the lives of people in today’s world. Thus, we have worked to provide the public up-to-date computers and high speed internet access. We also recognize the need to maintain the computers in a usable condition and the community’s interest in having the library a safe place for all to use. Therefore, certain rules will apply to the use of the library's computers. This list is not intended to state all unacceptable or acceptable behaviors concerning computer use. The library board believes the librarian has the right to determine whether a patron’s use of a computer warrants the removal of the patron’s right to use and to access the computers.

General Rules for Computer Usage

  • Computer usage is limited for each patron to 1 time per day up to 1 hour. If the patron asks and the librarian gives permission, the patron may use the computer longer than 1 hour and/or may use the computer again.
  • To use the computers and to access the Internet, all patrons must have a valid Hanover Township Library card AND HAVE NO OVERDUE MATERIALS AND/OR OUTSTANDING FINES OVER $1. Patrons 16 and younger must also have signed parental/guardian permission. Children 8 years old and younger must have a parent/guardian/sibling with them.
  • Patrons younger than 18 years old and who do not live in Hanover Township are not allowed computer usage. Exception: If the juvenile is staying for a period of time or visiting a parent/guardian who lives in Hanover Township and who has a valid library card, then the parent/guardian must sign a permission form for the juvenile to use the computers. Even with a signed permission form, the juvenile cannot use or must give up usage of the computer if all computer stations are occupied and a Hanover Township patron(s) is waiting to use the computers.
  • An adult who is a non-resident may sign in as “Guest” to use the computers as long as no Hanover Township patrons need computer usage.
  • All patrons must sign in to use the computers.
  • If all computer workstations are occupied by juveniles and an adult patron needs to use the computer, then the juvenile who has been on the longest must give up the computer. The juvenile can return to a computer to finish his/her time when a computer becomes free.
  • While using the computers, please refrain from talking and visiting with other computer users.
  • Refrain from vulgar and inflammatory language both typewritten and verbal. The library is small and your actions are easily observed by children.
  • Treat all with respect.

Hardware and Software Rules

  • Printing costs 15 cents per sheet - one side or 25 cents per sheet - both sides. Color printing is 50 cents to $4 per sheet, one side only printing.
  • The computers and related machines are to be treated with respect.
  • Do not touch the computer screens. The LCD screens are especially easy to damage.
  • Any removable disks should be scanned for viruses at each use.
  • Do not install unauthorized software or illegally copy software.
  • Any software or files saved on the hard drives can be deleted at any time by library staff.

Internet Use

  • Using the Internet is currently free.
  • You may send and receive email.
  • No instant messaging, including on social networking sites, or chatroom usage is allowed.
  • Downloading or accessing pornography, images of graphic violence, or violent games is not allowed.
  • Do not use the computers or Internet access for illegal activities, commercial or financial gain, or invading another’s privacy.
Reviewed and Revised: June 11, 2007

Charges for public use of the copier/printer and fax machines are as follows:

  • Copies:
    • Black and white 1 sided: 15 cents per sheet
    • Black and white 2 sided: 25 cents per sheet
    • Color 1 sided: 50 cents to $4 per sheet; please check with librarian for pricing
  • Fax:
    • $1 per sheet either sent or received

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that interested parties representing various points of view are allowed time to present their views while permitting the Board to conduct their meeting in an efficient and effective manner.

  1. Public comments are permitted during the time designated on the meeting agenda.
  2. The Board President may grant a request to address the Board during other portions of the meeting.
  3. The Board President will determine the order in which speakers will be recognized.
  4. Unless additional time is granted by the Board President, each person is allowed a maximum of five minutes to speak.
  5. Each speaker shall provide his/her name and, if representing a group, the name of the group.
  6. Comments shall be brief and to the point and be about library business only. Personal attacks on Library Board Members or staff members will not be tolerated, nor will language that is considered offensive, harassing, profane or repetitive comments.
  7. The Board may or may not take action on any presented items.
  8. The Board President has discretion to determine the length of time and the number of times a speaker may speak.
  9. Members of the public will not be allowed to speak a second time until all members of the audience who wish to speak have been allowed to speak.
  10. Minutes are a summary of the Board's discussion and action. Speaker requests to append written statements or correspondence to the minutes will not be honored; written materials presented to the Board will be included in the Library's files rather than the minutes.
Adopted: April 8, 2013

Hanover Township Public Library - The Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Approved by Hanover Board of Trustees: December 14, 2009
Updated: April 1, 2009; April 1, 2013; June 1, 2014

I. A brief description of our public body is as follows:

A. Our purpose is to provide materials and services for the recreational, social, informational, and educational needs of the community.

B. An organizational chart is below.

C. The total amount of our operating budget for FY22-23 is: $60,485.00.

Funding Sources are property and personal property replacement taxes, state, federal and private grants, fines, charges, and donations.

Tax levies are:

  1. Corporate purposes (for general operating expenditures)
  2. Social Security (provides for employee's FICA costs and related expenses)
  3. Tort Liability (for insurance premiums, risk management, attorney's fees and related expenses, unemployment and worker's compensation insurance)

D. The office is located at this address: 204 Jefferson St.; Hanover, IL 61041 E. We have approximately the following number of persons employed:

  1. Full-time - 0
  2. Part-time - 2

F. The following organization exercises control over our policies and procedures: The Hanover Township Public Library Board of Library Trustees, which meets monthly on the second Monday of each month, 7 pm, at the library. Trustees are: Dan Griffin, President; Deborah Boden, Vice President; Leonard Brokaw, Secretary; Vickie Deckard, Treasurer; Justin Watkins, Trustee; Peggy Bastian, Trustee.

G. The following organization operates in an advisory capacity regarding our operation: Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) and Illinois State Library.

H. We are required to report and be answerable for our operations to Illinois State Library, Springfield, Illinois. Its members are: State Librarian, Jesse White (Secretary of State); Director of State Library; and various other staff.

II. You may request the information and the records available to the public in the following manner:
  • Use suggested request form (optional), available for download here.
  • Your request should be directed to the following individual: Denise Tollensdorf, FOIA Officer; Hanover Township Library; 204 Jefferson St.; PO Box 475; Hanover, IL 61041; email:
  • You must indicate whether you have a "commercial purpose" in your request.
  • You must specify the records requested to be disclosed for inspection or to be copied. If you desire that any records be certified, you must specify which ones.
  • To reimburse us our actual costs for reproducing and certifying (if requested) the records, you will be charged the following fees:
    • There is a $1.00 charge for each certification of records.
    • There is no charge for the first fifty (50) pages of black and white text either letter or legal size.
    • There is a $0.15 per page charge for copied records in excess of 50 pages.
    • The actual copying cost of color copies and other sized copies will be charged.
  • If the records are kept in electronic format, you may request a specific format and if feasible, they will be so provided, but if not, they will be provided either in the electronic format in which they are kept (and you would be required to pay the actual cost of the medium only, i.e. disc, diskette, tape, etc.) or in paper as you select.
  • The office will respond to a written request within five (5) working days or sooner if possible. An extension of an additional five (5) working days may be necessary to properly respond.
  • Records may be inspected or copied. If inspected, an employee must be present throughout the inspection.
  • The place where the records will be available is as follows: Hanover Township Public Library.
III. Certain types of information maintained by us are exempt from inspection and copying. However, the folowing types of categories of records are maintained under our control:

A. Monthly Financial Statements
B. Annual Receipts and Disbursements (Treasurer's) Reports
C. Budget and Appropriation Ordinances
D. Levy Ordinances
E. Operating Budgets
F. Minutes of the Board of Library Trustees
G. Library Policies, including Materials Selection
H. Adopted Ordinances and Resolutions of the Board
I. Annual Reports to the Illinois State Library

Hanover Township Public Library Organizational Chart

I. Seven Member Board of Library Trustees:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee
  • Trustee
  • Trustee
II. President/Board of Library Trustees
III. Library Director/Librarian
IV. Employees:
  • Circulation/Tech Services Librarian

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